Moka Co.,Ltd. Of used auto parts deal of Chiba Yotsukaidou to Moka Co.,Ltd.

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Company Name Moka Co.,Ltd.
President & CEO Chin fanpin
Established January, 2005
Paid-in Capital JPY 10 million
Net Sales JPY 4.5 billion per year
Employees 20
Address 898-2 Azeta, Sakura, Chiba JAPAN 285-0835
Contact TEL.043-463-9988 / FAX.043-463-9888 /
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License License of Auto Dismantling Business No. 20123003158
Our Business
  • Importing and Exporting of used auto parts and nonferrous metal recycling
  • Exporting of used construction machinery and new cars sold as used
  • Container yard services for traders
  • Agency for exporting
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